Ai generated image of an orbital strike.
No, not that kid of orbital strike…

Listen, kids, don’t look for clarity in this piece; it’s more like a disjointed symphony.

We’re neck-deep in the age of information, in a muck teeming with mental quicksand and deceptive clarity.

Think of this as a roadmap, scribbled in crayon on the back of some cosmic napkin something I’m leaving behind in the hope it helps you.

The space we inhabit now is uncharted, volatile, and seething with the essence of a thousand burning libraries.

I believe I’ve stumbled upon something —a process, an effect, a byproduct of grander schemes. It’s not headline news, but it’s true and it’s pertinent.

To some, it might be an apriori notion; to others, a maddening absurdity.

It functions for me, and perhaps it could serve you as well.

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East Coast Rally Point Δ

Chronal Designates:      

Gregorian: September 3, 2022

Erisian: Bureaucracy, Sweetmorn 23 The Aftermath 30, 3188

Thelemic Date: ☉︎ in 11° ♍︎ : ☽︎ in 9° ♐︎ : ♄︎ : Ⅴⅴⅰⅰⅰ


Membership of PDN is comprised of anyone who has formally expressed consent to be associated with the definitions and theses of one or more of the multiple tendencies as defined below.

Association with PDN is comprised of anyone that knows about it and has not formally disassociated.


Potlatch (N) –

a gift-giving feast practiced by Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada and the United States, among whom it is traditionally the primary governmental institution, legislative body, and economic system. This includes the Heiltsuk, Haida, Nuxalk, Tlingit, Makah, Tsimshian, Nuu-chah-nulth, Kwakwaka’wakw, and Coast Salish cultures.

(PDN acknowledges and honors the original people and collective wisdom of those cultures. We acknowledge the history of the ground we occupy, both aesthetically, critically, and magickally. PDN recognizes our responsibilities to those who came before us.)

Discordian (adj)

a system in which both order and disorder are illusions imposed on the universe by the human nervous system, and that neither of these illusions of apparent order and disorder is any more accurate or objectively true than the other.


Network (both a noun and a verb)

a group of interconnected people or things and the act of forming those interconnections.



Platform of the PDN Aesthetic Tendency:

  • We envision a world populated entirely by artists.
  • We work towards a national framework of gift exchange in which artifacts we create are given away by an interconnected system of Individuals aligned with the Discordian movement.
  • When the world is saturated in spectacle, beauty and meaning are acts of rebellion.

Platform of the PDN Critical Tendency:

  • We envision a world where culture and artifacts are not for sale, where only gifts exist.
  • We work towards the the erasure of a persistent sense of isolation that is tied to modern life by imbuing the cynical narratives of our shared future with the discordian perspective that order is an illusion.
  • When the world is saturated in spectacle, beauty and meaning are acts of rebellion.

Platform of the PDN Occult Tendency

  • We are the autonomous movement of the living
  • We are race traitors to the hive mind
  • We are servants of chaos
  • We defend ourselves